The company was established in 1990 by Ahmet KILIÇ in Gaziantep inTURKEY. Then Can Flour was start to mill buying the best of Turkey wheat for bread produced from farmers with the aims of presenting to consumers’ usage and assessing this market in the best way under the best conditions processing this product in its own factory.

Wheat goes through comprehensive laboratory analyses before it enters the production process which is initiated by experienced food engineers. Under hygienic conditions using utmost care and the latest technology to ensure meeting top quality standarts. In our modern facilities, Bakery flour, Chapati flour, Biscuit flour, Noddle flour and Aqua feed flours are produced and we are exporting tomore than 20 countriesaround the world, especially in SoutheastAsia, Central America, Africa and Middle Eastcountries.

Wheat processing capacity of our factory is 250 MTons/day certified with HACCP, GNP, ISO22000:2005, ISO:9001:2000, GMP. We are able to produce wheat flour according to specifications of our customers.